7 comments on “On reaching (or not reaching) 50K

  1. Paragraph six. Absolutely.

    More on it later.

    But first, I have excellent news. We have 12.5% more time than you think.

    2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 =

    We have NINE days left.


  2. My followup to the 50k being a big deal is that I had to *really* bite my tongue on the NaNo boards.

    Because it is true that any writing is a big deal.

    But that is not – sorry, folks – what NaNoWriMo is.

    Writing is a good thing, a positve thing, a magical and beautiful thing.

    But NaNoWriMo is more than that. It is a commitment to do something extraordinary.

    50k is hard, but achievable. That is the point. You are *supposed* to suffer to succeed. That’s training. It’s the thing that hurts now but pays immeasurable dividends later. And it *always* comes with suffering; that is the nature of growth.

    I know two people who are doing NaNo who *can*not succeed because of their circumstances. One is the primary caregiver for a family with considerable needs. The other is physically limited by a disease which makes it difficult (for all I know at this point, impossible) for him to type. So he uses speech recognition software. But this same disease *hampers his speech.* Yet he keeps at it. Every god damned year. THAT is commitment.

    That is the true spirit of NaNoWriMo.

    Yes, it is important to write. And 10k is ten thousand more than zero.

    But you *committed* to 50. You made yourself a promise. You can bail, and maybe your reasons are excellent (hey, if my computer bites it at this point I’m probably screwed), and the only person you’re letting down is yourself.

    But is it okay to let yourself down? Wasn’t the idea, when you signed up, to NOT do that this time? To put your needs, your writing, your *self* first?

    The reason, for anybody still reading this, that 50k is not a big deal for Frank, is that he pushed through and did it. Several times.

    What did it do for me? Nothing short of changing my life, drastically altering my perceptions, suffusing me with the knowledge of the possible. That is what people who don’t sign on for NaNo, or don’t see it through, are missing out on. The attainment of a more-complete self.


  3. And another thing:

    They don’t understand Make It Happen. It seems to be Well I Tried. When they sorta didn’t.


  4. I’m just going to be coming back here periodically to bitch, apparently.

    Day 25. The “Pep Talk”:

    “I’m at 32K and I’m probably not going to make it. But it’s okay if you don’t, because everyone’s a winner.”

    This is the fucking pep talk with 5 days to go. It’s okay to drop the ball ten yards before the end zone.

    Great job, folks. Way to inspire the team.


    • You mean Grant Faulkner’s pep talk or mine? I don’t keep track if so, I don’t read the pep talks.

      I don’t mean to call someone a NaNo winner if they don’t make 50k.

      I consider them a winner if they wrote something they wouldn’t have and put their heart in it. I challenge them to keep going, to make an effort to try and make that 50K, especially if they don’t think they can make it. I think it’s better than just quitting because the word count is less than it should.

      • Faulkner’s was fine. It was the one after that, dated the 25th. Can’t remember the author, and I have deleted it from the Inbox.

        I have no issue with your approach. But Jesus TPTB at NaNo need to re-think a few things. Or think them in the first place.


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