3 comments on “Are you a decent/good GM? You’ve got what it takes.

  1. As it happens, I am a crappy GM. I lack the flexibility and spontaneity it takes to navigate through player decisions that come out of left field. I like writing fiction better: at least the characters are under my control for the most part, and when they aren’t I can take my time figuring out what I’m going to do about it. 😉

    • HAH!

      Well no one said the opposite was necessarily true, and in your case, I know first hand!

      Awesomesauce zombies anyone?

      BTW, I was going to bring up the massive stack of Dragon mags when I saw you next (since you’d be one of the few I know who might be interested in perusing)

  2. Sounds great! Might you be coming next Monday? (It’s a work/school night, so if you can’t I understand, but it would be awesome if you did)

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