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  1. Frank, when I read your blog, I had to see myself in your shoes when I was married with young children and not yet written my first novel. I wrote the first one at age 37. My 16th book (novels and non-fiction) is a kindle novel just up earlier this month. A second kindle novel goes up next month. You may be interested in my sharing of the writer’s life. Not a “how to” but anecdotes about the journey. And since you enjoy fantasy/science fiction, you will appreciate GRID, the new kindle book. Here’s my take on what our wives need to know about us.


    • Well thank you for the compliment! You’ve accomplished quite a lot from those beginnings and this is inspiring to me. I completed the first draft of Revenant in 2006 and am seriously revising it for sale now and working on something different also destined for attempted sales.

      I’ve read your take (all 3 parts) and I really think you’ve hit the nail on the head. I consider myself lucky in that there is nothing that my wife would learn in reading those posts, though I think she would appreciate the prose.

      I’ve already picked up GRID (I’m a Kindle junkie) I’m always up for something new and the description sounds interesting. What have been your experiences in the world of epublishing? Are you doing it all yourself? Has it been good or bad?

      I ask because I’m also seriously considering the independent route, though I’d love to go through the Big 6 if I could.

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