5 comments on “Now how shall I write THIS violent bit? Help me out!

  1. I voted for the speeding car, but, if the book is on the funny side, then go for the wildlife. 🙂

    • I’m still unsure where the book will fall on that sense. My wife thought it was on the funny side when I was going for serious. I’ve added on a lot to the parts she’s read, so that may have tipped it to the serious side.

      That being said, it’s a fun challenge to write ludicrous/silly stuff in a serious voice and try to pull it out. I remember for NaNoWriMo 2006, our Montreal group had the self imposed challenge of including a psychic ferret in our stories, and it’s in there in Revenant (it’s just a small two sentence thing, but it fits with where it is and is quite serious).

      So, serious or not, I will abide by the poll 🙂 I have ideas for all of them.

  2. A sniper’s always good. Because you can use the “killer” later in your story and snipers are hard to trace back to. Trained snipers anyways.

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