4 comments on “Story problems I’m mulling over

  1. Oooo adding Beth’s POV or the bad guy and his henchmen…

    Also Dave’s been awakened but what about everyone else in his before life?

    When I said I wasn’t a writer, I meant I have the creativity that God gave a common garden slug, so none. But the above just came to me… *cheesy grin* *bashful shrug* 😀

    • Working on adding the other POV and it’s going well 🙂

      I’m basically, thus far, thinking no one in his prior life is in the same boat as Dave. It makes for some interesting exchanges.

  2. Yes. My first instinct (and it was a very instinctual thing: I don’t have logical reasons) was that Beth is really important and knowing what’s going on with her will really help your plot.

  3. Yes, sadly she is becoming quite important. Important enough to get her own POV at times.

    I wish I had a better handle on her. Writing female characters is a weak point in general and I’m still figuring out Beth in particular.

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