2 comments on “Could I have been two weeks better? Maybe, maybe not.

  1. Frank,
    I definitely think resubmitting is not a good idea. Let the story lay. Lie? When it comes back reread it. If something comes to mind, fix it. Then send it off again. I have collected nearly 500 rejects and only 14 sales, but the sales come when I don’t perseverate on trying to make a story perfect. Besides, I’ve hear it’s bad form and unprofessional.
    Fellow HTTS member.

    • Oh I definitely agree that resubmitting isn’t a good idea.

      I was just mulling things over. I don’t think that working the story over right now would make it any better anyway. Sometimes it’s best to go with what you have. I haven’t submitted much (at all really) but it’s happened before where a second draft was much better than say, the fifth.

      Still…the “what if” will always nag me. I may just revisit once it’s rejected, just to see what more I can do with it.

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