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  1. Very interested in hearing your experiences with this class, since I hope to be in that novel-revision stage someday and know I’ll have no clue where/how to begin! It was an online writing class that got me re-motivated to seriously work towards my writing goals, and I plan to do another on forensic science for writers later this summer since that’s something I really need for my genre.

    • Ok, great! So what I’ll do is every week when I get a course fragment, I’ll post in more detail about what it is.

      I must say that so far I am impressed. There’s a LOT of content in that first week, and the online support (which I have not had a chance to use yet) seems to be pretty robust.
      I’m curious about the workgroups that get “assigned” (if you request) and I’m eager to check that out.

      So far, the course says that week 1 is the toughest, it certainly seems to be the most work. I have to re-read my draft and carefully look for certain things she outlines (good things to look for) and NOT line edit (which I’ve been doing). I can only assume that the next steps will be how to address what I find.

      The worksheets and tools are pretty straight forward and good to use. I was tempted to say they are “simple” and they are, but they are worth it simply because I never would have thought of doing them that way.

      So I’ll keep posting in detail as I get them and hopefully it will give you an idea on whether it’s worth your time and money. Don’t be afraid to ask me anything or chide me for skipping something.

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