2 comments on “It’s done! I can hardly breathe!

  1. I know exactly what you mean by this! I have been working hard to reframe my thoughts on rejection. I’ve always been hypersensitive, and actually let fear of it keep me from submitting for longer than I want to admit. I’m finally over that hurdle and learning to see it as an adventure and a sign that I’m doing what I set out to do rather than just sighing and saying I wish I could. I shed a little tear over my first rejection back in March, reworked the story the teeniest bit, and sent it off to the next on my “try” list for that particular piece.

    • Oh man isn’t it the worst? Yeah. I worked really hard to change my thinking when I realized that a large part of my procrastination was that fear of rejection.

      Sadly it’s not the ONLY reason I procrastinate 🙂

      Now, I think I’m actually eager to get that rejection. I figure I’ve done it once now. THAT fear is gone. Once I get that rejection, then maybe I’ll get over all of it 100%.

      The way I see it, the ONLY thing I can control is my writing and the act of sending something out there. Selling something is out of my hands, so I can’t really define it as a personal success since it’s not my decision. I’ve succeeded at everything I can do.

      Sadly, this story will likely not be rewritten for submission elsewhere. It was written for some pretty specific shared universe guidelines.

      I might put together a critique group eventually and put it out THERE because I’d still like to learn about what went wrong (if anything) with it.

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