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  1. Name of the Wind is one of my favorite books! it was really a game changer for me, when it came to enjoying traditional fantasy. I hate to call NOTW “traditional”, because it sure isn’t, but it does have some of the traditional fantasy elements: magic (of sorts), mythology, low technology world, and such.

    now that you’ve devoured the first book, you asolutely MUST read the 2nd book in the series, Wise Man’s Fear. it’s even better than the first!

    • Don’t worry, I’ll be reading the second book VERY soon! I can’t wait!

      I’m just sad that I’ll be stuck waiting for the one after THAT!

      I think you are 100% right, I don’t think NOTW can be called “Traditional”. It’s too good for that and done in such a way that you’d really never see epic or heroic fantasy done. I find that so interesting because it’s loaded with “traditional” fantasy fare and Rothfuss puts it all together in such a way that it feels new and fresh and GOOD!

      It’s a rare thing in a fantasy book. It’s a rare thing in ANY genre book!

      I love fantasy in general and for me, NOTW isn’t a game changer necessarily, but it certainly raises the bar on how I rate OTHER fantasy books!

      • I was always of and SF and magical realism gal. before NOTW, the closest I got to reading “fantasy” was urban fantasy, magical realism – Charles deLint, Steven Brust, stuff like that. after I read Rothfuss, I found myself much more interested in more contemporary traditional (oxymoron??) fantasy.

        Rothfuss ignores all the rules of writing fantasy. He just tells a story, and tells it good.

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