2 comments on “Manuscript rewrite – The Plan!

  1. Good luck! I’m just starting a rewrite of a novel because I realized the story was about other people so have to change point of view. I’ve realized, however, that detailed outlines kill me and I’m much better as a discovery writer. I get bored when I know the whole story. 😉

    • Oh I love discovery writing, but over the last few years I’m finding that I tend to write myself into a corner more often than not, or I never finish the story!

      My first NaNo attempt was discovery and I failed miserably…my first NaNo victory was with a decent outline and my easiest victory was with a very detailed outline and using yWriter. I had the chapters and scenes outlined so I could just pop in and if I was blocked…I could just skip ahead to something else and it made it easy.

      I’m with you, knowing the story takes away some of my sense of adventure, but it does let me focus on other details…and I actually finish what I start 🙂

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