2 comments on “Advice I’m trying to follow #1 – Making Time

  1. For those massive rewrites, have you considered “booking” a writing Saturday with your wife and daughter? They could go visit family maybe and then you could do some writing, or you could go to the library for the day and they do their thing at home. And then another Saturday you could take your daughter and she goes off to do her thing.

    • I have. My wife often offers. I just feel guilty when I take her up on it.

      She is an incrediblel supporter of my writing and frankly, I’m letting HER down if I don’t follow through on it.

      Luckily I don’t need them out of the house or anything. It’s just that she spends her entire existence right now taking care of our daughter (she’s nine months old) and doing chores. I work and in the evenings I try and spare her as much as I can.

      I end up feeling really guilty if I ask for more. I know she’d give it to me in a heartbeat.

      As it is, I’ve discussed taking one afternoon a month to start a writing group, and that’s in the works. In the future, I might suck it up and take an afternoon to write.

      Until then, there’s always naptime during the weekend 🙂 That’s usually a good two hours.

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